David Suzuki Fellowships

Research. Collaborate. Inspire.

David Suzuki has spent a lifetime at the forefront of environmental activism. Renowned for his ability to make the complexities of science exciting and easy to understand, he’s inspired millions of people around the world to take meaningful action to protect the planet. And he continues to help new generations understand their interdependence with nature

Building on David’s legacy, the David Suzuki Fellowship program helps the next generation of leaders tackle complex environmental problems. Successful fellows embody David’s research excellence and his ability to motivate people to make a difference.

Current Fellows


The David Suzuki Fellowship program empowers emerging scholars to tackle complex environmental problems. It reduces financial barriers, provides mentorship and fosters leadership and creativity so fellows can conduct research and engage and inform the public and policy-makers.


Each fellowship award is for one year and consists of:

  • A $30,000 to $50,000 stipend, plus a pre-approved travel and research budget
  • Mentorship from David Suzuki Foundation senior staff
  • Access to office space at any Foundation office

*Stipend commensurate with education level attained and experience.

Program structure

The program is designed so fellows can keep one foot in research and the other in learning communication and public engagement strategies. The aim is for fellows to stay true to David Suzuki’s model of communicating rigorous science in a way that is easy to understand and act on.

  • Over half of the fellow’s time will be spent on completing a one-year research project. The fellow and Foundation mentor(s) will determine specifics based on the fellow’s research interests (as outlined in their application). The research could include building on the fellow’s graduate research findings, publishing/co-publishing academic research and/or doing a distinct piece of research.
  • Up to half of each fellow’s time will be spent on professional development within the David Suzuki Foundation. This may include (but is not limited to) learning and developing skills in government relations, communications and community engagement. During this time, fellows may produce policy briefs and opinion articles, conduct media interviews, contribute to social media, etc.

*This breakdown is subject to change, pending research focus specifics and interests.



  • Received master’s degree or PhD (any discipline) prior to start of fellowship
  • First Nations, Inuit or Métis applicants must have completed a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree and/or have significant lived experience in connection to community, culture and traditional ecological knowledge
  • Preference will be given to candidates who are bilingual in French and English

Selection criteria

Successful applicants will be inspiring environmental leaders who embody David Suzuki’s solutions-focused scientific curiosity, research excellence, ability to bring clarity to complex issues and dedication to motivating people to take action for the planet.


Since 2017, the David Suzuki Foundation has awarded nine research fellowships to support scholars tackling complex environmental problems. Topics have ranged from ecological economics to environmental rights to Indigenous food sovereignty and more. With seven of the nine fellowships currently active, the Foundation has decided to postpone the next open call for applications until 2021.


The David Suzuki Fellowships were launched in 2016 to celebrate David Suzuki’s 80th birthday.

Thank you to all our major founding donors. You are empowering the next generation of environmental leaders!

  • Kate Alexander and David Daniels
  • Jennifer C. Allen
  • Ross and Trisha Beaty
  • Donald Bigioni
  • Stewart Brown
  • Michael Budman and Diane Bald
  • Donette Chin-Loy Chang
  • France Chrétien-Desmarais and André Desmarais
  • John A. Fraser
  • Adam Gawn
  • Denyse and Don Green
  • Rohan Hazelton
  • Genuine Health Inc.
  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Rogers Helene L Joy
  • Elizabeth and Rudy Kerklaan
  • John and Marcy McCall MacBain
  • Carol Newell
  • Rudy and Patricia North
  • RBC Foundation
  • John and Carryn Ruffolo
  • Leonard Schein
  • Jane Silverstone-Segal and Herschel Segal
  • Arran and Ratana Stephens
  • Judy and Isaac Thau
  • The Trottier Family Foundation
  • Sharolyn Mathieu Vettese

To find out about making a donation to support the David Suzuki Fellowships, please contact Harpreet Johal, Senior Public Engagement Specialist at hjohal@davidsuzuki.org.